Creator Studio – Creator Studio for Facebook

How can I install the Facebook creator studio app? Based on our previous article on Facebook Studio. We talked a little about the studio on Facebook and also how you can get started with the platform. The app is another section of the platform. This section provides you the most effective and easiest way you can control and manage your Facebook page. Likewise, this also enables you to track your monetization, analysis, and lots more. In this article, you can learn more information on how to download the Facebook Studio.

Creator Studio - Creator Studio for Facebook

Furthermore, the Facebook creator studio app is one of the management tools provides by Facebook. This is where you can make a schedule for content, share content on your page, create posts, view insights of your content, and lots more tools. Above all, the app provides you with monetization tools where your cam monetizes your videos and, more. The studio provides you with everything you need to display the best content to your audiences.

Features of the Facebook Creator Studio

On the contrary, the new creator studio comes with the same features as the desktop version. Here are some of the creator studio highlight:

  • Content Library: this is where you can view posts such as published posts, drafts and scheduled pots all on one feature.
  • Customizable Video: this feature allows you to edit posted video and also add your video title and also descriptions of your content.
  • Insight: this provides you with an analysis of your content that includes distribution metrics, and more.

Moreover, these are just a brief feature of the creator studio. You can also access tools such a Track Video Engagement, and Flexible Scheduling to manage your content from your mobile phone with ease.

How to Download and Install the Creator Studio App

Currently, the Studio is free and you can access it on Fb through the web or the mobile app. The free app is compatible with iOS and Android devices through the Google Play Store or the App Store.

  • Download the Creator Studio from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Next, search for the application and click on the result of the search.
  • Finally, click Install or Get.

In summary, open the app to set up your Facebook account on the Creator Studio. Sign in to the application with your Facebook username. You also need an email address or phone number and password to start managing your posts, create schedule posts, edit posts, and also publish posts directly from your mobile phone.