Creating a Facebook App – Facebook Application ID | Facebook Application Center

Creating a Facebook App – Create Application Using Facebook
Creating a Facebook website helps you aim your application and connect it with web pages via Meta tags of the open graph protocol. Monitoring the metrics is actually an important step if only you are using paid content, whether it is been appreciated or not, and how many times the target of the users have shared it, i.e. the way they have interacted with it.

Creating a Facebook App - Facebook Application ID | Facebook Application Center

According to Facebook applications, it will always monitor all likes and shears on the profiles and on the profile walls where the URL of the website for which you have created the app appears, and which also communicates and collects data from the very web page via the open graph protocol.

Creating a Facebook App – How to Create App on Facebook

The first part of this tutorial is dedicated to the process of creating a Facebook app in 10 simple steps. Step by step Facebook app creation tutorial;

  • Log in to Facebook and then visit the URL this account is the same account you have used to create your company’s Facebook page.
  • Create new Facebook: click create a new Facebook button in other to start the process. If you do not see the button in the right corner. Click on the link to register as a new developer.
  • Choose a platform: however you wish to add to IOS, Android, website. If you are making an app for any different platforms, you can add them to your Facebook app.

Creating a Facebook App – Facebook Application ID

  • Choose a name: you have to choose a name for the application and select “Create New Facebook App ID” and then choose the appropriate app category in the field. However, if you are making a test version of your application, you need to select the test app option.
  • Follow quick start steps: Read Facebook’s Terms of Use and accept them. After you have done that, click the Continue button and proceed to the next step.
  • Application ID:  after you have successfully completed the 5 steps. A unique I identification number will be added to your application, which will enable you to use it on your website by adding the open graph protocol of Meta tag for contents and shearing.

Protect Your App Secret

  • Protect your app secret:  Facebook application will automatically generate a secret code which is connected with your applications.
  • Contact email: you will have to enter your necessary information, which you can find in the settings field.
  • Application details: select “App Details” in the left corner and change the additional information about the app.
  • Disable Development Mode: After you have created the application, it will be in the development mode, which is default option.

However, you can get a full insight of analytics and metrics. As well as the main manners of Facebook users have communicated with the application and also on the devices. Note: That recently Facebook has released Facebook API V2. The API V2 needs to associate business manager account with any application to pull information from a profile.

It means Facebook now don’t allow directly pulling data from any profile from the username. But that users need to connect with this Facebook application and Facebook provides some specific users to the information.