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Come to think of it. You may well have heard that every company, whether a large scale business or a small scale business have considered making use of the social networking community in advocating their businesses. And with over a million active users on Facebook each week. Making use of the Facebook page feature may not be as a bad idea as you may think. Facebook is a very large and useful platform with a lot of active users on a day to day base. And most of these users as you may not know just might be potential customers.

Facebook Page - How to Create a Facebook Page

Owning a Facebook page is not a luxury and a total waste of time as most people who don’t yet know about the platform thinks. It is important that you should know. That since social media platforms like Facebook are major trends in the world today as far social media is concerned. You can, therefore, see it as an opportunity to always keep in touch with your old customers, new customers, and potential customers, based on popularity. Facebook is ranked as number two of all the other social media platforms. Like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and others, due to its 526 million daily visitors. So if you are a wise entrepreneur you will know making use of this rich Facebook page platform is a must. Do yourself and the society a whole lot of good by owning a Facebook page today.

Why You Need a Facebook Page

If you are still not convinced with my introduction, there are other reasons that will expose your mind to the possibilities of making use of the Facebook page feature of the Facebook community,

  1. Facebook page build loyalty and deepen owner and customer relationships.
  2. These pages expose your brand and increase awareness of your product. You might be wondering how this is possible. Note that when a user comment, share, or even like your page it appears on their news feed thereby exposing your brand to other users automatically.
  3. A Facebook page also gathers traffic to your business.
  4. It also gives you as entrepreneur insights and ideas about new products due to feedback and opinions you get from customers.
  5. Facebook pages give you lots of information about your fan base like customers location and what they are interested in.

Having a Facebook page is not that bad, it’s a whole new experience and according to a review from previous customers, it’s a pretty great platform.

How to Like or Follow a Facebook Page

You only like a Facebook page when you want to receive updates from it on your news feed and you also want to show support for the page. But when you follow a page you only receive updates from it.

To Like a Page,

  1. Go to the page.
  2. Click on the like tab or icon below the pages cover photo.

To Follow a Page,

  1. Go to the page.
  2. Click on follow.

Note that it is basically the same steps for both mobile and desktop when liking or following a page. Also, know that when you like a page you automatically follow the page.

How to Create a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are not meant for business organizations only if that is what you are thinking, other institutions like schools, churches and basically anyone can create and own a Facebook page which is also relatively easy to create. Below are useful tips to follow in order to successfully create a Facebook page.

  1. Go to
  2. Click to choose a page category.
  3. Select a more specific category from the drop-down menu and fill out the required information.
  4. Click the get started tab and then follow the on-screen instruction.

With these steps, anyone can successfully create a Facebook page. You should note that you can’t make use of the platform unless you are an active user. And you can only be an active user by owning a Facebook account. Just in case you don’t have a Facebook account and would love to make use of the Facebook page feature, sign up for a Facebook account today at