Conference Skype Call – How to Set up Skype Video Conference Call

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How can I make a conference Skype call or how can I organize a conference call on Skype? The modern world has developed applications that allow you to host meetings, interviews, and conferences over the internet. Recently, businesses or organizations don’t ask applicants to head over to the office for interviews or meetings. There are lots of reputable and highly upgrade VoIP apps that allow you to host conference meetings, and interviews over the internet. In this article, you can learn how to set up a Skype video conference call.

Conference Skype Call - How to Set up Skype Video Conference Call

Furthermore, Skype is a powerful communicating and instant messaging app owned by Microsoft. The platform is built-in with amazing features such as video calls, voice calls, instant messages, and lots more. For you to connect with people and business partners. Many businesses and organizations make use of Skype in other to organize conference calls or to host video meetings. The amazing aspect of Skype conference calls, you can host a meeting, interview, or conference without signing up or downloading the app.

Features of Using Skype during Video Conference

First of all, Skype offers users a simple and easy interface where you can host a conference meeting with no sign-up or downloads. This enables you to create a meeting link and share then with people you want to join the meeting or call.

  • Record your call and save it for later review: This enables you to focus and engage in online meetings without having any distractions.
  • Blur your background before entering the call: If you’re in a rush or don’t have enough time to prepare for your video meetings. You can easily turn on the background blur feature.
  • Share your screen whenever necessary: This allows you to easily share presentations, designs on conferences all, or work materials.

Furthermore, you don’t need to install Skype, you can easily organize a conference call on Skype on the Web. You can add or host up to 50 people to your conference call and access unlimited time on Skype. Meaning, there are limits to the time you can spend, therefore access unlimited free meetings Skype.

How to Host a Conference Call on Skype

Based on how to host a conference call on Skype is free and you either try Skype on the web or use the Skype app on your device to create a link. Afterward, you’ve created the link you can share them with your colleagues or business partners.

Simply visit on your Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Next, you can create a call ink with just a simple click, then invite anyone as well as people that isn’t on Skype. Finally, people that you invite can click on the click the link to join even with a Skype account.