Code Generator for Facebook – Code Generator for Facebook Lite

How can I activate a code generator for Facebook? Security on the internet is a very big issue especially on social media networking sites like Facebook. During last year, my account was been hacked, and it took me a couple of months before I was able to recover my account. Then I discover new security setting on Facebook known as Code Generator for Facebook. On the contrary, due to the complaints of users, Facebook took a step forward in providing users with a code generator for Facebook to help secure your account from hackers and online cyber-attack with the two-step login process.

Code Generator for Facebook - Code Generator for Facebook Lite

In the meantime, a code generator for Facebook is an advanced security feature that’s activated on your Facebook app to implement a two-step login process. When you set up the two-factor authentication, with the code generator you can generate a unique set of code to verify your account or to authenticate access into your account. Initially, Facebook usually sends you an SMS code where you can verify your account. But with the code generator for Facebook you don’t need to receive an SMS, you can directly generate a code to access your account.

How to Activate the Two-Factor Authentication Security Settings

Firstly, you need to activate the two-factor authentication settings before, you can use the code generator. When you turn on the security feature, your devices will be able to generate a special security code. Or generate a Facebook 6 digit confirmation code generator in which you can make use of to log in to your account.

To turn on two-factor authentication:

  • Go to or open the Facebook app.
  • Then access the Account Setting page from the menu or the down-drop arrow.
  • Afterward, you can visit the section Security and Login Setting.
  • Scroll down and turn on the Two-Factor Authentication.

Finally, after setting up the two-factor authentication then you can be able to use generate a login code with the use of the third authentication app or the Facebook Code Generator. You can use the next outline to activate the Code Generator for Facebook.

How to Activate Code Generator on Facebook

The Code Generator can be activated on the mobile app therefore, you need to install the application on your mobile devices. Simply, visit the Google App Store or the Apple App Store and install the Facebook app. Then, you can use the following steps:

To activate code generator on the Android app:

  • Open the Facebook app and click the three-dashed icon
  • Scroll down and click Setting & Privacy.
  • Next, click the option Code Generator.
  • Finally, then you can view the code

To activate code generator on the iPhone:

  • Also, open the Facebook app with your iPhone
  • Next, you can tap the menu icon “three-dashed icon”.
  • Afterward, scroll down and click Setting & Privacy
  • Then, click Code Generator and view the Code.

After you have received the code, then you can go to your Facebook account on a new web browser. Next, enter your email address and password, then will the section where you need to enter the unique code.