Code Generator – Authentication Code Facebook

What is Facebook Code Generator and how does it work? Facebook is actually one of the fascinating social media networking sites on the internet for connecting with family and friends. Many people create an account in other to discover new friends and also other entertaining content like videos, pictures, and lots more. On the contrary, security is usually one of the biggest issues when it comes to securing your account from hackers or scammers. For that reason, the Facebook Code Generator is an implemented security feature on the Facebook app which generates a passcode to access your account.

Code Generator - Authentication Code Facebook

Furthermore, the Code Generator is similar to your account password, whereby entering your password on the login portal. You can still create a passcode every time you want to access your account. However, the passcode comprises of Facebook 6-digit confirmation code generator. You can activate the setting with your mobile phone number and also the two-factor authentication. Moreover, the security features work with two-factor authentication. When you activate the settings, your mobiles phone generates a special code you can use to verify your access or login to other new devices or browsers.

How Does Authentication Code Generator?

After the use of the email address and password to access your account comes security features such as two-factor authentication and code generator. However, the implementation of the Facebook code generator is to help account users keep their accounts secure. This is more like an advanced security setting that required your approval and with the use of the code sent to your number is used to access the account.

In addition, when you activate the Facebook authentication code generator, this creates a two-step process in accessing your account. This includes the use of your account password and unique code in access your account in unknown or known devices. However, when you turn on the security settings whenever you want to log in to your account. Facebook will send you a text message that comprises the 6-digit code.

How do I Activate the Security Code on iPhone and Android Devices?

On the contrary, Facebook Code Generator can be activated on the mobile phone with the use of the Facebook mobile app. However, you can download the Facebook app on your mobile phone and use the following step to activate the code

To activate code generator on the Android app:

  • Open your mobile app and click the three-dashed icon
  • Then, scroll down and click Setting & Privacy.
  • Next, you can click the option Code Generator.
  • Finally, you can get the code.

To activate code generator on the iPhone:

  • Also, open the application on your iPhone.
  • Click the menu icon “three-dashed icon”.
  • Scroll down and select Setting & Privacy
  • Then, click Code Generator and get your code.

However, the code you get from the Code Generator is used to log in to your account on unidentified web browsers with two-factor authentication if turned on. In conclusion, the code lasts for 30 seconds, and if it passed the time you can’t you the code anymore, you need to generate a new one.