Cheap Android Phones Between #10,000 To #20,000

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Best Working Android Phones Sold At Cheap Price From Between #10,000 To #20,000
Phones now are sold at a high price now. Now Nigeria has come up with high prices of product with an expectation of a high of a high demand. A few years ago, you could get an android with a high-quality working skim at low prices but not anymore.

Android Phones


To be understandable, you cannot get the best android phones below 20,000, in this case. All you’ll get below 20,000 are phones budgeted with low specifications and working conditions. But, if your budget at the moment is very low, you have no choice but to reconsider and purchase. These phones that can be purchased at cheap prices.

Cheap Android Phones That Can Be Purchased Below #10,000?

You should know that any android phone that is purchased below #10,000 has a very low ram. Cannot access big files or application has a low internal or phone storage and screen and display are very low.

In most cases even if they are touch screen phones. Some are not always Android devices. Some phones mostly itel that are been sold below #10,000 on the internet or e commerce stores like Konga and Jumia. Mostly feature phones commonly referred to as java phones. Phones like that are not working under the android operating system.

Good Working Cheap Android Phones Purchased Below #20,000

The following phones listed below are the best Android smartphones purchased below #20,000 on JUMIA

Huawei Y3

Display: 4.5 inches {screen to body ratio} 62.3%, Memory: 1GB ram and 8GB rom, C.P.U: 1.0GHZ quad core, Camera: 5mp back camera and 2mp front camera, Operating system: android os V5.1 {lollipop} buy on jumia

Tecno w1

Storage: 8GB rom and 1GB ram, Display: 4 inch WVGA touch screen, C.P.U: 1.3GHZ quad core processor, Camera: 2mp back camera and selfie camera, Battery capacity: 1800MAH, Price on jumia: #17,500 on jumia

Lenovo A1000

If you’re in need of a phone that can deliver more than the other phones listed you should try Lenovo A1000.

Storage support: it support 32GB, C.P.U: 1.0GHZ quad core processor, Screen size: 4 Inch, Camera: front camera 5mp and selfie camera, Battery capacity: 2000MAH, Amount: 18,500 on jumia

Alcatel OneTouch 4027D

The device Alcatel has a 4.5 inch and controls android 4.4 KitKat. 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage, support SD card, 5MP back camera and 1.3MP for selfie camera with a quad core Processor of about 1.3GHZ it cost #15,000 at the moment on jumia buy on jumia

Itel 1409

This device has some similar features with those listed above. It has a 2MP back camera which can be used to take high-resolution pictures than that of the front camera which is 0.3MP. The front camera which is also great and awesome for a phone of this price. The

The itel 1409 has a screen size of 4 inches which gives you a better view of 480 x 800px. The device itel 1409 also runs under the andriod5.0 lollipop and which is also strong and long lasting and has a capacity of 1500mAh capacity. And is sold for #15,000 currently at jumia.

Tecno Y2

The android mobile tecno Y2 is another strong mobile device. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat just like the innjoo x3 does, with a great size of 4-inch display. The device tecno Y2 has a ram of 512MB which enables it to carry big files and an internal storage of 8GB.

The phone has a great storage capacity of 32GB microSD card and has a great functioning quad core processor on the phone. The back camera which is great and function with a 2mp resolution. A front camera which is 0.3mp and a long lasting battery of about 1600mAh. And it selling price at #17,000 buy on jumia

Innjoo X3

The Android phones with a great functioning system run Android 5.0 lollipop and a screen size of 4 inch. This gives you a better resolution of about 800×400. Has an inbuilt memory of about 512MB which is capable of holding large files and applications. Phone memory of about 4GB

Phone memory of about 4GB rom and a great storage size of 32GB which enables it to hold lots of files and apps. And a quad core processor, a great 2mp back camera that can take better shots than the front camera which is 0.3 and a battery capacity of 1300mAh. It is available and sold on jumia for just #15,300 only.