Change eBay Password – How can I Change my Password | eBay Online Shopping

Please, how can I change my eBay password? Recently I have seen so many questions on the interest based on the fact that people have it difficult to change their eBay account password. Perhaps they feel someone has been using the account for quite a time now. However, change eBay password is one of the security protocols to keep your account safe and secure. Most fact states that users who change their account password every month or 2 weeks are reliable to stay safe on the platform.

Change eBay Password - How can I Change my Password | eBay Online Shopping

As we all know eBay is practically an American online shopping platform where people can buy different kinds of stuff using their PayPal account or credit card. However, dealing with online shopping site requires huge security in other to ensure that your account and also your credit card are well secure from online scammers. The method of changing eBay password actually provides more security terms and creating a strong password is better.

Tips on How to Create a well secure Password

First of all, before you decide on changing your eBay password. You need to understand there are certain formats on how you can create strong and also rules in which you can use to ensure that your eBay account is well and secure.

  • Don’t use the name attached to your account name with your password.
  • Also, ensure you don’t use names in which you use to create other various online sites.
  • Start your password with capital letters and end it with a symbol.
  • Ensure you mix the capital letter and small letter together with characters like (@#$%).
  • Don’t share your password with anyone even your loved ones.
  • Lastly, add numbers to your password.

In addition, in terms of your pin, you don’t need to you your date of birth or trivial number like 1111. Follow this rule and regulation and this will make people find it difficult to suggest your eBay account password.

How to Change Your eBay Password

If you haven’t checked the tip on how to create a secure password in case you want to change your eBay password. You need to check out the tip first before you can change your password. However, in other to change your password:

  • Log into your eBay account with the link
  • Then, you can click the drop-down arrow next to hello.
  • Then, click Account setting.
  • Select personal information and click edit next to Password.
  • Use the format to create your password.

Next, you can follow the instruction by providing your current password and on the next create your password. Finally, click Submit after you must have created or changed your eBay password. Aside from that, you can change your password from the login panel if you don’t remember it. Simply click on Forget password and then follow the on-screen.