Candy Crush Facebook – Candy Crush Saga on Facebook | Candy Crush Soda

How can I access the Candy Crush game on my mobile phone or can I play the Candy Crush on my Facebook account? Candy Crush was one of the most played games in 2017/2018 having over millions of players from around the world. The Candy Crush game was popularly played on the android and iOS devices. But right now you can also play the game on windows or on social media platforms. There are two series of the Candy crush game and that includes the Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Candy Crush Facebook  - Candy Crush Saga on Facebook | Candy Crush Soda

Furthermore, the Candy Crush game is mostly accessible on the Google Play Store, App Store, and other internet online app stores. But right now, the gaming app is now accessible on the Facebook gaming center. That includes the Facebook Instant Games and also the Facebook Gameroom. Currently, the candy crush Facebook has over millions playing enjoying the game various Facebook gaming centers. With your account, you can play and enjoy the Candy Crush game with your friends or family on Facebook.

How to Play the Candy Crush Game on Facebook

On the contrary, playing the Candy Crush game is one of the easiest things to do without needing instruction on how to play the game on Facebook. However, in case you find it difficult to locate the Candy Crush game, you can also follow the instruction below.

To play Candy Crush on Instant Game:

  • Open your PC or macOS, you can sign in your Facebook account.
  • Then, click Game on the news feed, you can find it in the Explore section.
  • Search for the Candy Crush using the search bar and click Play.

To play Candy Crush on Gameroom:

  • Open the Facebook Gameroom on your device.
  • Sign in the Gameroom with your Facebook account.
  • Search for Candy Crush and click Play.

If you can’t find the Facebook Gameroom on your device. You need to download and install the Gameroom application on your device. Before, you can be access to access the candy crush Facebook. However, you can search for Facebook Gameroom on the Google search engine and download it on your device.

How to Play Candy Crush Game without a Facebook Account

There is also another method you can use if you don’t want to use your Facebook account to play candy crush game. But before that, the Candy Crush game can also be accessed from the Messenger app on your mobile phone. Use the same application to find the location of the game by searching with the search engine.

In addition, to play the game without using your Facebook, the game also come as a separate or standalone app. The Google Play Store and the iOS app store made available of the application for you to download and play without using a Facebook account.