Block Facebook – Facebook Block Settings

Some people may think and sometimes even ask, if to block Facebook is necessary. Well that answer depends solely on the individual who wants to make use of the platform. If you are a third party user you may find this topic very interesting. Or maybe you are using a shared computer with your friend or a public system. You might even be a worker and you think Facebook has been taking too much of your time as of late. You might want to use the block feature.

Block Facebook - How To Block Facebook

Blocking Facebook will limit Facebook access to your kids, your employees and even to yourself. You may find out that you have been spending too much time on Facebook. Or any other internet-based social media platform. Thereby costing you irreversible valuable time. It may even end up costing your kids and company valuable time as well. Social networking sites such as Facebook have the potential to reduce employee productivity in the workplace

Why Would You Block Facebook

There are many reasons as to why a person would want to block his or her Facebook access. These reasons may vary from time-consuming to privacy. And maybe so much more depending on the individual making use of the feature. Below is a list of potential users who you would want to block.

  1. Small companies that want to limit access to Facebook and other social media sites to their employees.
  2. Individuals who want to block access to Facebook to everyone on the computer except to themselves.
  3. Students who just want to block Facebook and or every other social media sites in order to be able to study without being distracted
  4. Parents who will want to limit access to Facebook and any other internet based social media sites
  5. Schools and educational institutions who want to limit access to Facebook or any other social media sites
  6. Anyone else who just want to control access to Facebook and any other site from their computer.

How to Block Facebook on Internet Explorer

  1. Open internet explorer
  2. Click internet options
  3. Open security
  4. On the security tab, click restricted sites and then the sites button directly under it.
  5. Enter and click on add.
  6. Close the window.

Note that this method is suitable only for internet explorer and cannot block Facebook on other browsers.

Another useful method to block user is to use a whitelist. You might be wondering what a white list is. Well white list filtration is the most strict but at the same time effective and productive kind of blocking

Using A Blocking App or Software

One of the best ways to block Facebook website with no chance of being bypassed is to use special blocking software’s or apps. Follow these few steps to apply the software to block Facebook.

  1. Download and install the software of your choice
  2. After downloading and installing. Click on Facebook blocking depending on the type of software you are using
  3. Then click Facebook on the list and select block
  4. Click on apply.

With these few steps you can also successfully block Facebook.