BitPay Wallet – How do I add money to my BitPay wallet

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Billions of people all over the world are now using what we call the virtual currency or cryptocurrency as a form of transaction. Moreover, cryptocurrency is known to be a decentrally stored and which is control within a public ledger known as the blockchain. In other hands, the BitPay wallet happens to take control over your cryptocurrency in terms of everyday transactions, manage funds across different platforms, and also secures your crypto. Learn more about the BitPay and how you can add money to your BitPay Wallet.

BitPay Wallet - How do I add money to my BitPay wallet

Furthermore, BitPay Wallet is set to be an HD digital signature scheme wallet which is generally designed to control and maintain the security of your cryptocurrency or secure your BitPay funds. However, the bitcoin payment service provider is accessible to various personal and shared wallets, as well as testnet & complete payment protocol. In other words, with the BitPay Wallet, you can control your bitcoin finances from anywhere using the BitPay app.

What can I do with the BitPay Wallet?

With the widely used of cryptocurrency, BitPay allows users and also provide them with the most effective tools to make the best of the bitcoin payment service provides and also the cryptocurrency ecosystems. Since the BitPay Wallet acts as your bank account or as your cryptocurrency can be used for online transactions such as send and receive money directly from the internet. Plus, the following:

  • You can store funds popular payment protocol such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  • Involve in a daily transaction such as receive and send funds
  • Use the BitPay Card in other to change your crypto into dollars.
  • Also, but items from various online store like Amazon, Google Play Store, Delta and lots more.
  • You can also acquire or pay for invoices that make use of Payment Protocol.

In addition, while using the Bitcoin Wallet you can exchange cryptocurrency with the use of ShapeShift, but first, you need to create an account for that. However, in other to engage with this, you can get started with the next outline below.

How to Get Started and Add Funds to your BitPay Wallet Account

Before you can add funds or move to the BitPay Wallet, you first need to create a wallet account. But first, visit the BitPay Wallet app from the iOS app store or Google Play store in other to install the application on your devices. After installing:

  • If you’re new, click Get started and next, Basic Wallet.
  • Afterward, select the currency and create a name for your wallet.
  • Click Create in the top right corner of the page and add a strong password.

To add Funds with Cryptocurrency:

  • Log in as a cardholder account.
  • Then you can select the option Add funds.
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to add a dollar account.
  • After that, you can show a BitPay invoice.

Finally, you need to pay the invoices and also makes use of an up-to-date wallet which is supported by the Payment Protocol. However, the BitPay Wallet is safe and secure for you to connect with using it to leverage multi-sig security features.