Best Places to Buy Used Cars in Nigeria

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What are the best places to buy used cars in Nigeria? Used (also known as Tokunbo) cars and vehicles are well-known in Nigeria, and for people looking to get a car, it seems to be the principal call. As most people in Nigeria would rather buy a used or Tokunbo car than buy the new one. Besides, the Tokunbo/used vehicles or cars in Nigeria are cheaper and more solid than new ones.

Best Places to Buy Used Cars in Nigeria

However, it was listed in a 2015 report by PwC that on Nigerian roads, the ratio of new cars to used cars is 1:131, and it is an understandable sign that people prefer used cars to new ones. It is also stated in the report that the size of the imported cars market in Nigeria is presently estimated at Naira 1.2 trillion (approximately $3.3 billion). In this article, I will let you know the best place to buy used cars in Nigeria.

Best Places To Buy Used Cars Online

If you don’t have the time and energy to travel down to buy a car, you can buy your used car online. The sites listed below are reliable and trusted in selling used cars in Nigeria.


Jiji is an online website in Nigeria, where you can buy used cars. It is one of the largest online websites classifieds to sell stuff in Nigeria. This website shows over 117,000 ads for cars or vehicles that have been highlighted for sale.

Best Places To Buy Used

Olist is one of the subordinate companies of China which is the most famous Nigeria FinTech company. This website allows users to list stuff for sale and used cars are not exceptional. Up to 1,000 listed used cars that are for sale are presently on this platform.

Cheki is an online website basically for marketing, where you can buy a wide range of quality used cars or vehicles. Cheki serves as an intermediary for users to buy and sell their used cars, bikes, trucks, vans, and other vehicles because they do not sell these vehicles directly.

Jumia is known to be the largest eCommerce platform in Nigeria. This website also provides a platform to buy and sell used cars, which can be accessed through the Jumia Deals platform. Over 14,000 ads are presently listed in the Jumia Deals platform (cars category). Used car sellers are allowed to advertise and register with potential buyers on this platform.

Best Places To Buy Used

Car45 is an online market car auction service provider with the aim of assisting thousands of customers to sell their vehicles or cars. Car45 is founded by Etop Ikpe, formerly Konga’s commercial director. This store has plans to construct the infrastructure of commerce that will allow the buyers and sellers of Nigeria used cars or vehicles to exchange value.

Best Physical Stores To Buy Used Cars

You can get deals as close as the nearest bus station. Once your money to buy a used car is readily available in your bank account or your hand, you can get your used vehicle even without going online. The physical place people patronize are as follows:

  1. Cotonou in the Benin Republic. But you should make sure that you have your documentation and also pay the right dues. That is if you would like to import from Lagos ports or Cotonou.
  2. In Lagos, Apapa-Tincan port has become a popular spot for buying Tokunbo cars or used vehicles.
  3. Affordable Cars Ltd.
  4. Tejude Motors.
  5. Porsche Centre.
  6. Lanre Shittu Motors.
  7. Cars45.
  8. Elizade Nigeria Limited.
  9. Skymit Motors Limited.
  10. Oloworay Autos.
  11. Nigerian cars for sale.
  12. Leventis Motors.

The above places are nice and reliable places to buy used cars both online and physically. So, it is now your choice to decide where to buy your used or Tokunbo car or vehicle at an affordable price in Nigeria.