Best Free Music Download Sites to Legally Download Music for Free

Music is fast becoming one of the best forms of entertainment across the world. This is because music has several health benefits. Music, for example, has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain. For these reasons, there has been a rise in the use of music streaming services. However, most streaming services require you to pay or subscribe to a plan before using their services. Not to worry; in this article, we’ve outlined the best free music download sites to legally download music for free.

Best Free Music Download Sites to Legally Download Music for Free

With the best free music download sites, you can download any song of your choice and then stream it offline. These songs are available in high quality and can be accessed anytime any day. Moreover, some of these websites allow you to use their music in videos without fear of violating copyright rules. Although finding the best free music download sites can be challenging, do not worry—we’ve got you covered. ` Check out the next outline for some of the best free music websites to make use of.

Best Free Music Download Sites to Legally Download Music for Free

In this section of the article, we’ve covered the best free MP3 download sites that legally allow you to download your favorite music without paying a dime. Check out our top picks below:

1 YouTube Audio Library

One of the best platforms to download free MP3 music for your videos without violating copyright rules is the YouTube Audio Library. On this platform, you’ll find a wide range of aesthetic music. YouTube Audio was created for people who need royalty-free music for YouTube videos.

What’s more, music on this platform can be accessed without hassle. Once you have a YouTube account, you access the library through your YouTube studio and then download as many songs as you want. Besides, before downloading the songs on your computer or mobile device, you can stream the songs by simply clicking on the play icon. Visit your YouTube studio today to download as many songs as you desire from the YouTube audio library for free.

2 Bandcamp

Another popular platform where you can download music for free and legally is Bandcamp. Bandcamp offers extensive digital and physical media for sale, ranging from T-shirts to CDs and more, but the site also offers free music. You can visit this platform to download songs for free with no hidden charges.  In addition, songs can be downloaded from this site in different formats, such as traditional MP3 files and higher-quality file types like FLAC, WAV, and more. To make use of this platform, you will have to visit Bandcamp online and then search for tags like a free download or creative commons. You will find the search bar at the top of the site. Navigate to the website today to stream your favorite release for free.

3 Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive has been operating for years, and they have been offering the best services to its users. On this platform, you will find quality songs to download for free with no hidden charges. Although most of the songs on this site are by lesser-known artists, occasionally you will find songs by famous artists.

Free Music Archive is one of the great places to discover new music. Also, you don’t need to worry about legality, as songs on the site are totally free to download and listen to. However, to make use of this song, you must first check the license associated with each individual’s recording and the correct attribution format.

4 The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is another excellent platform where you can download songs for free. It is a non-profit platform that was first founded in 1996. When you visit this platform, you will find thousands of songs to download for free. They have a massive number of songs that you can browse and access for free. In addition, the pieces available on this site are of high quality. You can download songs based on your preferred genres, such as hip-hop, classical music, jazz, and more. Also, you can stream free music and independent artists on this site.

5 Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music is another website where you can download and stream free MP3 songs without having to subscribe to any plan. This platform is based in Luxembourg, and they provide their users with free streaming and download services with licensing from artists. This means Jamendo Music offers a curated catalog with artist services. You can find songs on this site using tags and playlists; you could also check out their genre-based radio stations to stream spotlighted albums and mixes.

6 AudioMack

Since its official launch in 2012, Audiomack has become a major streaming platform for music lovers and artists who would like to promote their songs. On this platform, you can stream and download trending music and listen to your local MP3s through the app. In addition, you can use its top categories, such as Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, and more, to search for songs to stream on the site. They offer new and hot tracks that can be accessed at your fingertips.

The best part is that you can download and stream many songs on the site without having to pay a dime. Also, you don’t need to enter your credit card details before you can access the platform. Aduiomack can be used on your computer, Android, or iOS device at little or no cost.

7 SoundClick

Another long-standing site where you can download free music legally is SoundClick. There are wide ranges of music that can be accessed on SoundClick. However, the most prominent genre of music on this site is hip-hop. Meanwhile, SoundClick has a simple but unique interface that is accessible and easy to use, with smooth navigation and convenient features such as light and dark modes. Although there is a premium option for artists, you can use this platform for free.