Best Apps to Send Text and SMS from Your PC

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What are the best apps to send text and SMS from your PC? SMS and texting have undergone significant transformations in recent years, evolving into popular means of communication.

Best Apps to Send Text and SMS from Your PC

The convenience of sending a text or SMS from your phone has become second nature. Yet, with the advent of technological advancements, the capability to perform this action has extended to your PC as well. Although the range of available applications for this purpose is somewhat limited, the existing options exhibit impressive performance.

Furthermore, the utilization of a PC to transmit texts provides a heightened level of comfort and efficiency. This contemporary accessibility empowers you to dispatch quick messages even during work hours, obviating the necessity of having your phone in close proximity.

For those who frequently employ both Windows PCs and Android devices, we highly recommend Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app. This article aims to cater to your quest for the optimal app to facilitate SMS-to-PC interaction. Take heed, as we elucidate the top-tier app that accomplishes this task. Unfamiliar with this innovation? I implore you to read and delve into the subsequent sections to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Without further ado, let us unveil the premier applications that enable you to send texts and SMS from your PC, liberating you from the exclusive reliance on your mobile phone.

6 Best Apps To Send Text and SMS from Your PC


AirDroid stands out as a well-known player in the realm of texting from PC solutions. It offers a convenient avenue for sending texts and SMS messages from your computer. The setup process is swift and hassle-free.

Beyond its messaging capabilities, AirDroid boasts an array of additional features such as file transfers, backup and sync functionalities, and even the capability to capture screenshots directly from your PC. This application is a robust tool with the capacity to perform an impressive range of tasks.

With AirDroid, you gain the ability to transmit larger files and enjoy various enhancements. The premium version follows a subscription model, featuring a reasonably priced package for the added features it brings.

Microsoft Link to Windows

Microsoft Your Phone serves as an exemplary companion app that synergizes seamlessly with Microsoft Windows and Android phones. To fully utilize its capabilities, you must install the PC version. This application empowers you to peruse through your camera roll, access notifications, and read text messages right on your PC.

Moreover, recent updates have expanded its functionalities to include making phone calls and screen mirroring. If you’re a Windows PC user, this app deserves your foremost attention, particularly given its reliability and no-cost nature.

Apps To Send Text and SMS from Your PC – Mighty Text

This has become a favored choice for numerous individuals, offering essential features such as notification browsing, text and MMS transmission, and even low-battery alerts. The no-cost variant of the application facilitates the sending of 50 texts per month.

Alternatively, the pro version, obtainable through a $6.99/month subscription, eliminates text limits, grants access to real-time notifications, and maintains a commendable level of stability. In the realm of sending texts from PCs, it stands out as one of the superior options available.

Screen Mirroring Apps

Screen mirroring applications provide a convenient method for texting from your PC. By utilizing one of these apps, you can seamlessly link your phone to your computer. Unlike using a third-party service, the messages originate directly from your device.

Nonetheless, this approach necessitates physically connecting your phone and ensuring proper driver installation, making it less user-friendly. Nevertheless, it boasts enhanced security and comprehensive compatibility with various messaging apps like WhatsApp and SMS. Despite the varying prices and diverse tools available, this method remains a secure and versatile choice.

Apps To Send Text and SMS from Your PC Text Now

TextNow is a web-based application designed for sending text messages. This service assigns you a randomized number for this purpose, ensuring that your personal phone number remains separate from the app’s texting function. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals with restricted texting capabilities or those indifferent to the originating number.

In-app purchases are available, primarily for acquiring phone minutes for outgoing calls. The application allows for unlimited text messaging to both the US and Canada. While similar services like Yappa exist, TextNow stands out as a preferable option due to its smoother performance in our experience.

Text Free

Text Free presents another convenient option for sending text messages to your family, friends, and loved ones directly from your PC. Upon using the service, you’ll be provided with a randomly generated phone number specifically for texting purposes.

While sending text and SMS messages within the app comes at no cost, making calls via the service requires purchasing minutes. Text Free serves as a streamlined and uncomplicated method for sending free text messages to recipients. The only potential drawback lies in the fact that messages will be sent from different numbers, which may not be an issue for you if continuity in number usage is not a concern.


Listed and explained above are the ten best Android apps to send text and SMS from your PC. So, if you’d like to conveniently send SMS and texts from your PC, you can download and use any of these apps.  Moreover, they are free and safe.