Avatar Picture – Avatar Picture on Facebook | Avatar on Facebook

Avatar Picture was introduced in April where people can create a character that looks like them. However, the feature was only released in some parts of the country. This is like the United States, Canada, India, Australia, and other European countries. Later on, the feature introduces in Africa, and is now available in Asia countries. Generally, Avatar Picture creator app, a new feature released on the Facebook app. This is where users can create a cartoon-like version of themselves. You can actually relate this to Snapchat’s Bitmoji and also Apple’s Memoji feature.

Avatar Picture - Avatar Picture on Facebook | Avatar on Facebook

Just like I mentioned earlier, the major countries in which Facebook avatar releases include the US, Australia, and other countries as well. The feature, actually installed on your Fb app where you can create your own avatar. To create an avatar is quite simple, all you need to understand is that it doesn’t come as a standalone feature. Access to the avatar creator, available via the Fb App on Android or iOS devices. Also, keep in mind, if you’re not using the latest app, you won’t be able to access the avatar feature.

How to Update to App – Avatar App in Facebook

Right now, people in different countries can be able to access the Facebook avatar via the Fb mobile app. Therefore, the need for an update on the Fb app in other to access the avatar creator is required.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on iOS App Store.
  2. Click on My apps & games or Today.
  3. Then, click on Update next to the Facebook app

Also, you can easily search for the Facebook app on the search engine. If you don’t have the application, you can simply install or update to the latest version. Once completed, you’ll be able to access the Avatar Picture App.

How to Create Facebook Avatar Picture

To create your avatar is accessible using the avatar creator. This includes the Avatar Picture creator app to create your own avatar or a cartoon-like version of yourself. Here is how to create an avatar of yourself:

  1. After downloading the latest version of the Facebook app.
  2. Open the Facebook app and set up your account.
  3. Access the menu icon and click Avatar

Now, start creating your cartoon-like version of yourself by using several features that include selecting a skin tone, facial shape, hairstyle, and lots more. Moreover, you’ll be provided with instructions you need to complete your character or avatar.