Want to stream music on your device as an Apple Device User? Then you should try Apple Music. Although, there are several other music streaming platforms you can use to stream and download music on your device. But none offers the unique features Apple music offers. However, Apple Music is a music platform developed by Apple Inc for Apple device users to be able to stream and download music. This music platform enables its users to select any music of their choice to stream live on-demand and even listen to existing playlists. And amazingly, it is available via an app for not just iOS devices but also android phones, smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming boxes.

Apple Music

Though, Apple Music no doubt is a paid platform. But once you sign up for it, you get a free three months trial then after that, you can select from the three available subscription plans which you can cancel anytime when you no longer feel the need to use Apple Music to stream your favorite music. But trust me, regardless of the music you are interested in, Apple music has everything in store for you. So you should just give it a try by signing up to get the best music services Apple music has to offer to you.

Why You Should Use Apple Music?

There are so many reasons why you should use Apple Music. One of which includes the fact that it has so many unique features you can enjoy as a user. And one of these features is that you can stream songs not only online but also offline even when you are not connected. Another reason is that Apple Music has in store over 70 million songs you can browse through to find any music of your choice for streaming and downloading. And it even combines all your favorite songs in one place. Therefore, rather than visit online sites to download and stream music, you can just navigate to the Apple Music app to stream any kind of music you want from any category.

Is Apple Music Free?

Apple Music is a paid music streaming and downloading platform. Besides, it is also ad-free. The music platform provided by Apple Inc for apple devices users to stream music freely after signing in and signing up for it. Although the music platform is a paid one, it still offers to its reputable users a 3 months free trial which they can opt-out of at any time. Therefore, you can sign up and use Apple Music for free for your first three months of use with just an internet connection. Then after that, you can now start paying for the services rendered to you by Apple music monthly.

How to Set Up Apple Music Account?

In order for you to set up your Apple Music account, you can subscribe first or choose to subscribe later. If you are a new subscriber, you can just start your free trial which you can cancel anytime you want as mentioned earlier. However, to set up an Apple music account, all you just have to do is, open the apple music app, go to listen now, and click on it. Or you can also go for yourself. Then tap on the trial offer for anyone you want be it an individual or family. After that, it is necessary you follow other onscreen information given to you to complete your subscription. Once you have subscribed you can now sign in whenever you want to stream any music of your choice.

How to Sign in to Apple Music?

Signing in to Apple Music is much easier than you can imagine. All you just have to do is have your Apple ID then you are good to go. Besides, for easier access to the platform, you can use the Apple Music app and follow these below-listed steps to sign in to Apple music to enjoy over 70 million songs and download as many as you want to listen to offline unlimitedly. Here are steps on how to sign in to Apple music below;

  • Turn on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device
  • Click and open the Apple Music app
  • At the top right corner of the page, locate and click on the photo icon
  • Then sign in using your Apple ID and password.

After you must have signed in, you can now stream music and download them unlimitedly. The music app is very easy to use and the streaming and downloading processes are just like that of any other music streaming and downloading site or app. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about when trying to use the app for music streaming and downloading. So, you should open your Apple music app and enjoy the best music services it has to offer.