Apple Credit Card – How to Apply For Apple Card

Apple credit card was released by Apple in August 2019. It is a credit that is linked to Apple pay and built right into the Apple wallet app. The card was launched with iPhone owners in mind. Apple Inc partners with Goldman Sachs for the credit card, which is made for Apple pay.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply For Apple Card

However, it works just like the traditional credit card. You can make use of it for all your transactions with no problems at all. It is also very easy to use and get. With the help of the Apple credit card, you do not need to carry cash around. All you just need to do is apply and use it right away.

Furthermore, to qualify for the Apple credit card, you need to be a lawful U.S resident with are residential address. OR 18 years or older and be a United States citizen. An iPhone running iOS 12.4 or later is needed to use the Apple credit card and it is not available if you do not have an Apple phone.

Also, you must have an Apple ID. Do you want to get an Apple card but you do not know how? Not to worry. You will get all you need to know about this credit card.

How to Apply For Apple Card

Applying for an Apple card is very easy as opening the wallet app. All you just do is tap on the Apple card interface and walk through the activation process. It processes just take a few minutes to set up. You can also apply through Apple’s website or the Apple card website or through Apple Pay.

The information requires is your first name and last name, phone number, date of birth, Apple ID, home address, last four digits of your social security number, and lastly your income history. However, some users may also ask you to scan your driver’s license or state ID.

After signing up for the Apple Card, it will now be available for digital purchases and transactions. You need to qualify for the Apple credit card just like other credit cards. While the digital cards are available, Apple will also ship the physical Apple Credit card that you can use like other traditional credit cards.

How to Use the Apple Credit Card

The Apple card is designed to well just like any other debit or credit card stored in the Wallet app for use with Apple pay. You can set the digital credit card and make use of it for in-store purchases on iPhone and online purchases on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple watch. Below is how to use your Apple credit card;

How to Make an Online Purchase With an Apple Card

  • You can purchase online with your Apple credit card wherever you see the Apple pay logo in check out. When you click on the symbol, the Apple pay transaction slides up the screen and the website will dim
  • Click on the blue chevron at the right to change the information related to the transaction including your contact details, shipping method, address and the card to use.
  • Now you will want to select to pay with your apple card if it not already selected. However, if you make the apple card the default to make use of it with apple pay, it will be selected when using apple pay automatically.

You can also make Apple card purchases in-store anywhere you see the Apple pay logo. It is very easy and simple to do. You can just make use of the guidelines on the website for guidelines.

The Titanium Apple Card

The Titanium Apple credit card is like the traditional physical credit card. You can use it to make physical transactions instead of online. Also, you can take it to the store and make your purchases. You can apply for it online on the Apple credit card website or Apple pay. Just go to your Apple pay and follow the guidelines on it to apply for the Titanium apple credit card.