How do I access my Verizon Email on AOL? If you have been wondering how to access your Verizon email from AOL, then you don’t have to worry. In this article, I will be showing how to easily access your Verizon email on AOL. Both Verizon and AOL are email service providers.

AOL Verizon Email - Access Your Verizon Email on

But Verizon made a change in the way their customers would access their Emails. Currently, all Verizon email users would need to migrate over to AOL Mail service in order to access their Mails. We have put a couple of possible solutions to the entire possible question you may want to ask.

AOL is a reliable and functional email service provider that offers reliable communication for millions of people across the globe. The email service provider has a user-friendly interface to enable users to navigate the site easily.

On the Verizon platform, it says that “Over the years we’ve realized there are more capable email platforms available to our valued customers. As a result, we decided to get out of the email business and focus our energies on providing the best in TV and internet experiences’

Can I Access My Email Via the AOL App?

Yes, you can access your Verizon email on the AOL App or Website. All you have to do is to download the AOL App on your phone and log in with your Verizon. net Email address. And all your Mails will be available on AOL App.

Is AOL Verizon Email Down?

No. AOL Verizon email is up and running. Although Verizon no longer offers email service, all of its previous email account holders can still make use of their Verizon Email address on AOL. This means that users won’t need to create another Email address.

But will access all their mails when they log in via AOL. Also, Verizon attests to it that AOL webmail service provider is reliable webmail and one of the top Email service providers in the world.

Can I Still Create a Verizon Email Address?

No, you cannot create a Verizon Email address. However, users can create a new AOL Email address. But this is not applicable to previous holders of Verizon email addresses since they can still access their emails on AOL.

How to Sign in to AOL Mail with your Verizon Email Address

  • Visit
  • Enter your Verizon email address.
  • Tap, on Next.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on Sign in.

Finally, you will be signed in to your Verizon Email account on AOL. Note if you have not migrated your account before now you will not be able to migrate your emails or contacts again. However, you can now receive new emails from other Email users.