The mail service platforms have various features and services they render to their customers. These services and features range from various activities accessed in their platform service. Although most users who access this service, are either new to them or don’t even know how to go about accessing them. Here we are going to be looking at the AOL Sign in process in the AOL mail service platform also known as AIM mail.

AOL Sign in - How to Login to Free AOL Email Account | AOL Sign in Mail

AOL mail gives its users a wide range of features and a nice service delivery to users on the platform who already have an account. So talking about the AOL sign in, users who have created an account and don’t really know how AOL sign in works. Or users who do not have the AOL mail account can start by typing the URL which is the official web address. To start a signup process of having an account. Here are some few steps to achieving that, reviewed in the text below.

AOL Sign In Steps

The AOL sign in mail process is for users who already possess an account on AOL mail server platform. AOL sign in gives returning users access to the AOL account, so if you have sign up for an account already on AOL you can always make use of AOL sign in process to access your AOL account. Below are steps on how AOL sign in works;

  • First, the user should open any browser of their choice from any device like pc, smartphone, tablets, and pads.
  • Type in the URL as shown above in the second paragraph of the page. A page appears having amazing news feeds, showing recent news and videos. And a big search engine bar at the middle of the page.
  • The user should click on the Login/Join caption. Located at the right upper part of the AOL homepage displayed on your screen.
  • A mini page appears for users to fill in their details, which is the user address. Which is the one they inputted while filling AOL signup form. And after all, then click on the next bar at the bottom. Then for users who do not have an AOL account can click on the sign up at the bottom of the page. To start a registration process.
  • The next page will request the user to put in his or her password used while registering for their account. Then click on the next bar, the account start logging to process and open their account.

Mind you users who have issues with their account password, or have forgotten their password can click the forgotten password caption at the extreme bottom of the page. To begin a recovery password process.

Amazing Features to Enjoy On AOL Sign in

After getting done with the AOL sign in process, users can then explore their AOL account in all areas.

  • But one significant area is the email message Inbox. These are where a user can see messages sent to them by other mail users.
  • Then on the Draft of the inbox section, you can keep messages that you want to edit or to send in the future.
  • Sent is one unique feature where users can see messages that he or she has sent to other users and there is the Spam feature that holds messages with unprotected and malicious content.
  • Then we have the Trash, users can actually see messages and files they have deleted from their account.

The AOL mail service platform still has other features like calendar, folder, contact and the archive Feature. When you sign in to your AOL account you get access to the above-listed features. as only users who sign to they account can gain access to all listed features.