One very aspect that cannot be overemphasized in this present-day world of science and technology, is the internet mail world. This is because it plays a vital key row in our day to day life. Therefore if anyone is not connected to the internet mail world in a day it feels like he or she is missing something key. That’s because instant sending and receiving of mail is key to our daily communication life. The AOL Mail sign up also referred to as AOL email sign up serves as a registration process of creating a new AOL Mail Account.

AOL Mail Sign Up – Create a New AOL Mail Account

So the AOL mail sign up gives us the platform to actually do all of these. But first users who want to really enjoy all these services and features, most first sign up the AOL mail websites. For users to sign up they should follow the web address There are lots more you can find when you open the website from your browser. Users can find features like maps location, mails, entertainment, news, finance, lifestyle, videos, games and a search engine.

Importance of the Sign Up

  1. The sign up process enables users to have a mail account on the AOL mail service platform.
  2. Users can log in with their account, to access the amazing features and applications on the AOL mail service platform.
  3. There is a sync feature on the platform which enables users to connect their account to their social media platform and other mail service platform like the Google, Yahoo, and Facebook and so on.
  4. And above all users can now use their account to send and receive emails from friends, families and business partners all the world. Regardless of distance barrels.

 AOL Mail Sign Up – How to Get an Account

The AOL mail sign up is a simple and quite an easy process to follow. The user should first enter the web address mentioned above.

  1. The user will see a page with lots of display news feeds, and a login/join caption. Click on the login/join caption.
  2. A mini page appears where the user will see a sign in space bar. This is for users, who already have an account on the AOL mail platform. But for users who don’t have an account should click on the sign up option below. In other to start creating an account.
  3. The next page the user is expected to fill in his or her personal details like full names, a preferred AOL mail address and password, phone number, country zip code, date of birth and gender. Then click on the continue caption below.
  4. After completing filling in the form captions. AOL will ask you to verify your phone number and request to send a verification code to user’s phone number.

Enter the verification code sent to your phone on the space bar provided, then click on verify. Mind you there is a verification timeout of about 60 seconds. If the user fails to input the code before the time counts down, the user will be asked to start over again for security purposes. After clicking on the verify caption, the account start processing. After the process completion, a message of CONGRATULATION is sent to you. This means the user account has been successfully created. The user can now login into the AOL mail account.