Many platforms in the world today offers web-based mail services. Users of smart devices all over the world have come across the word email or have an active email Account. The term email (Electronic Mail) is web-based. As said earlier they are many platforms which offer these services to its users, the likes of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and many others. Aol Mail is one of those few platforms that offer these web-based email services to users.

AOL Mail - Aol Mail Login |

Aol Mail is a platform which offers email services to its users. Its web-based mail services can be reached out to by users who create an account on its platform. When a user creates an account on the Aol Mail portal they will be able to carry out the login process on any device with a browser or the default Aol Mail App for mobile devices. When users carry out the login process they will be able to send and Access web-based email messages.

Features Of Aol Mail

The electronic mail service providing platform has many amazing features which its user’s benefits and enjoy when using it. AOL Mail allows users to make use of its storage space online which has no limit to how it can be used to send and receive messages. With this unlimited storage on AOL Email platform, users can attach files and send to other users in respective of what email platform they signed up to.

Users can link their account with other Aol email as well as those of other email service providers like Yahoomail, Gmail, outlook and many others. This allows users to easily carry out recover option when they misplace or forget their Aol Mail Login details. It also allows user to carry out some verification process easily when in need to do so.

The mail services offered by Aol is spam and virus free, users do not need to be scared of getting computer virus infected files when making use of the platform services. Users with mail accounts on Aol that have not been active or is not active for ninety days may be deactivated. Then after a duration of one hundred and eighty days with no activity on the account, it will be deleted permanently.

During these days of no activities on the users account, any message sent to the users account will not be of certain delivering. Services rendered by this wonderful platform can only be of use to users that have an account on the platform.

How To Create An Account – Aol Mail Sign Up

Users that want to make use of Aol Mail services have to ensure they create an account on the platform. Creating account is also refer to as AOL Mail Sign Up this is where users have to set up all their Login information.

  1. Open the website on your device web browser and click on Get a Free Username to proceed to the sign up page.
  2. Enter your first, last name and enter the username you chose to use.
  3. Input a password and Re-enter the password you’ve created to confirm it.
  4. Select your date of birth and choose your gender.
  5. Enter your country’s zip code and set a security question and choose the answer.
  6. Choose your country’s code and enter your active phone number.
  7. Enter an alternate email address. This step is optional.
  8. Type what is shown to you in the box to pass the step.
  9. Click the Sign Up button.

Once users carry out the above steps, they will be asked to enter the code sent to the phone number they entered in the signup process. When the user enters the phone number their account sign up process will be complete, and they will see a page which shows them some basic information about the account they created. Users will see an option to print the page.

Once the AOL account signup process is complete and successful. The user account will be active and they will be able to carry out the Aol mail login process any time they wish to on any device. This is possible, as long as they know their account login details and have a device with an internet connection.

Aol Mail Login Process

Users with an active Aol Mail account can easily carry out the Aol mail login process. All they need to make sure they have is their account login details. The details include their Aol Mail account username and password. Users should ensure and make sure they don’t misplace or forget these details so as to avoid encountering issues when logging into their Account. Users that know or have their account login details can follow these steps to sign into their account.

  1. Open the website on your device web browser.
  2. Enter your Aol Mail Account username or email.
  3. Input your account password.
  4. Click the sign in button to sign in.

Immediately after a user carries out the above steps, they have successfully carried out the Aol mail login process. During the login process users using their personal device can also click on the small box to allow the platform help them remember their login details. This allows users to easily carry out the login process anytime they wish to. With their details automatically entered in the login page. Users can sign in to their account with the above steps anytime they wish to.