There are so many email service providers in the internet world today. Thus making your email service world interesting and very wonderful while exploring them. The AOL email account is no different from them all. But in mail service delivery, I will say the AOL mail service, which is a free web-based service provider and a significant one. AOL Email Account can also be called AIM email Account. This is an abbreviation of the combine words AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

AOL Email Account - Create an AOL Mail Account | AOL Mail Login

All mail users search for a way to have a good mail service provider. Where they can access more email service, outstanding features and even linking their email account with other accounts. Good news for them all, because they can actually get all this done with the AOL email account. Apart from that AOL or AIM mail, prides itself with an excellent instant mail messenger. This means users can actually send and receive emails on their inbox instantly whenever there is internet connection on their devices.

Features of AOL Email Account

  1. Messaging feature on the AOL Email Account is very good. It has a maximum inbox size of about 1000 new messages, 4000 old messages, and a 4000 sent message capacity per screen name. For all messages, there is a 25mb file attachment provided.
  2. Users can actually link their email account with other service providers such as the Gmail, Yahoo, and even Hotmail.
  3. The AOL mail still supports protocols like; POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.
  4. While working on your email accounts, there are ads display that usually pops up. This ads brings information outside users view range. But most at times user may find ads disturbing, so users can disable the ads settings.
  5. In terms of virus protection, the AOL has an active virus protection. This is an assurance to all users that their account is safe and secured from all internet viruses.
  6. The spell checking indicator is an advanced one. Whenever a wrong word is spelled, it underlines the word. This shows the user that there is an error in that word.
  7. There are over 54 languages available in the AOL mail account.

Importance of AOL Email Account

So any user who has an account in AOL or AIM mail service platform is sure of having all these features. Whenever a user logs into his or her account they can access all features like, the instant messages in their inbox, save files and documents and so on. There is a mobile app that’s available for AOL mail account for mobile phone. This makes users keep their account personal because it will save user information and detail.

Users can as well download and save the app on their devices for the purpose of easy access. Instead of going to a web app to type in the website URL. News feeds and updates are one interesting part of having an account and the app. When user login his or her account, on the website it will pop up the AOL homepage and recent news feeds are seen for the user to view.

Steps to get an AOL Email Account

  1. For a user to acquire an AOL email account, the user should type in the URL in any browser on their PC or mobile devices.
  2. After done with typing the URL and clicking on the enter button, an AOL homepage appears where users will find various display news feeds and a search engine space bar on the middle of the page. Click on the login/Join caption at the top right side of the page to start the account creation process.
  3. The user will see an AOL mini form page, click on ( Don’t have an account? Sign up) written at the bottom of the mini page.
  4. Then a form comes up, where the user will fill in some few personal details and follow the steps displayed on the screen to create his or her account.

So with all this steps and illustrations, users can achieve the AOL email account. By which they can use in accessing the email service platform and as well do so much on the internet. Basically users without an account, now see the limitations they may face in accessing the email service platform.