Amazon Prime Video App – How to Download Free Prime Video App | Amazon Prime Video

Where can I install the Amazon prime video app or how can I download the Prime Video app for PC? First of all, there are two devices when you want to watch exclusive or original Amazon videos. This includes the on PC and Prime Video app. These are the two platforms where you can access the huge collection of amazon prime video. The interesting aspect of the prime video app is that you can easily watch movies or tv shows either at a convenient spot or inconvenient spots.

Amazon Prime Video App - How to Download Free Prime Video App | Amazon Prime Video

Furthermore, whenever you want to watch tv shows and movies that include, Amazon Originals and other distribution of movies or tv series. The Prime Video app connects you with thousands of interesting and genres of movies or tv series right from your palm, anywhere, anytime. Above all, the Amazon prime app is designed with different kinds of feature that isn’t included on the Prime video website. This includes the offline download feature, and also allows you to cast video on a big screen using the prime video Chromecast.

How to Download and Install the Prime Video App on Mobile Devices

First of all, the supported devices of the Amazon Prime Video app include the Android, tablet, and iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). However, the download and installation process of the streaming app is simple, and you need an internet connection to start the download process of the Amazon Prime app.

To Install Prime Video App on Android

  • For the android devices, click on the Play Store.
  • On the main screen, click on the Search bar.
  • Type Prime Video and click Enter.
  • Finally, click Install.

To Install Prime Video App on iOS device:

  • For iOS device users, click the Apple App Store.
  • Search for Amazon Prime Video on the search.
  • Click Enter to complete your search.
  • Finally, click Get.

Afterward, you can complete the download process of the Prime Video app, this will enable you to get access to entertainment content that includes prime video tv shows, and also prime video movies. Directly from the mobile streaming app, you can purchase or rent movies and tv series from thousands of titles that include new updated movies and popular tv shows.

How to Set up the Amazon Prime Streaming App

After you’ve installed the streaming app, on your devices. Then the next option is to set up your streaming app so as to start watching movies and tv shows on your mobile phone. This set up of the Amazon Prime streaming app requires creating an account if you’re not a subscriber of the Prime Video. But for exciting Prime video members, you can simply sign in to your streaming account.

To Login to Prime Video App:

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video app on your device.
  • Then, click the option Login to access your account.
  • Enter your prime login detail to start watching movies and tv shows.

To Create a Prime Video Member Account:

  • You need an Amazon account to create a prime membership account.
  • Simple click Start Free trial and click Create your Amazon account.
  • Fill out the information to create set up your account.
  • If you already have an amazon account, you can simply enter your account detail.
  • Next, you can fill out your personal information and enter a payment method.

Initially, Prime Video offers you a 7-day free trial to enjoy unlimited access to thousands of movies and tv series to watch anywhere, anytime. Now that your account is fully set up, you can explore and discover lots of entertaining content to watch.