AltaVista Search – Search on the AltaVista Web Search Engine

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Currently, there three major popular web search engines we have on the interest this includes Google, Yahoo Search and Google appears the top most used search engine followed by Yahoo search and then you can now talk about But in case you don’t know AltaVista search was formally one of the top search engines in the world. Due to the compatibility and efficiency, the platform hold makes it stand out among other web search engines. Check out other details about the AltaVista search below.

AltaVista Search - Search on the AltaVista Web Search Engine

Furthermore, AltaVista search is actually one of the oldest search engines which was established in the year 1195. Initially, the platform is no longer accessible, but during it period, it became one of the wide used search engines early in the days. Moreover, the AltaVista search is a search engine where you can ask questions about certain things that you want to get answers to. Similar to Google, Yahoo search, the platform built with a search bar in which you can type your search word. Click the search icon or enter in other to get answers.

Brief History of the AltaVista Web Search Engine

On the contrary, AltaVista search was once like Google during the early, the platform was presumed to be the most popular search engine on the internet. The actual word of AltaVista derived from words like “high view” or ‘upper view’ which appears to be a translation in Spanish. Talking about translation, one of the things that makes the platform outstanding among its peers is the integration of web-based machine translation.

The built-in of the web-based machine translation made it easy for people to be able to translate and understand different languages. Also, the service includes the provision of a free email address but deactivated from the internet. But the website still active and linked to the Yahoo search. For instance, when you enter the URL on your web browser, it takes you back to the Yahoo search.

How do I Search on the AltaVista Web Search Engine?

One thing you need to be aware of is that the platform has been bought by Yahoo. So all users that usually use the platform to search will be linked to the yahoo search. For instance, let take the following steps for example;

  • When you access the link
  • Then this will forward you to the Yahoo search URL.
  • Use the search bar to search.
  • Click the search icon to enter the search result.

 However, AltaVista lost its stand from still becoming the most used search engine. In 2003, Yahoo purchase the platform whereby becoming the owner of the AltaVista. But the platform still retains some of the brands that the URL.