AltaVista Search Engine

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Currently, the number one web search engine on the internet as of today is the very own Google. It’s apparently one of the prestigious and widely used search engines with a large margin to the second which is Yahoo search. But the fact is that Google own a lot of its feature to the AltaVista search engine. Backways in the early 90s AltaVista broke the chain in becoming the number one searchable, full text of organizing collective data on the Internet built with simplicity.

AltaVista Search Engine

Many search engines we have on the internet enhances with some of the features of AltaVista. And one of the tools is the full-text content which was first introduced by AltaVista. When the AltaVista search engine was at with the highest level, there was not like Google. Google didn’t take long in becoming the leading search engine making it to be sold to Yahoo in 2003. Although, AltaVista search engine was discontinued by yahoo. Since then users using the domain URL will be redirected to Yahoo’s own search engine known as Yahoo Search.

AltaVista is Dead – Search Engine Optimization for AltaVista Search Engine

On the contrary, AltaVista is, without doubt, the first text database on the network which hundred of the web search engine is using now. The platform is mainly a crawler-based search engine that made use of the search interface. To develop a page index that actually comprises different lists of contents. Which then appears in response to the search keyword with the use of the AltaVista search bar. First of all, the search engine created in 1995 and became the most important and prestigious search engine during that time.

After so many years of staying at the top of the most-used search engine during that time. It actually lost its ground to another search engine known as Google. Due to the incapability of retaining or maintaining the position sold out the platform to Yahoo in 2013. But the only thing that still remains of the platform includes the website link which redirects you to the Yahoo search site.  

How AltaVista Web Search Engine Work

In case you were not born to see the AltaVista in action. The platform works similar to that of Google and Yahoo Search. The AltaVista homepage designs with a search box where you can enter your search keyword. Plus, a search icon for you to press in other to redirect you to the page. use the link to access the Yahoo search homepage.