Advertising my Business – Advertising my Business on Facebook | Facebook Advertising Manager

Advertising my Business – Advertising my Business on Facebook | Facebook Advertising Manager: Making uses of Facebook platform, is a very good thing for everyone especially, business holder. I’m saying this because, every small business should be on social media especially on Facebook platform. Do you know Facebook is the one of the best tools that people uses to advertise their business online? Facebook has become the key to success of any business holder today. When you have a Facebook account, and you prefer to keep your business moving, Facebook will allow you to create a page. You will be able to create a personal page where you can be able to advertise your business. The Facebook ads Manager or Ads Manager Facebook allows you to advertise your business page or groups their various Facebook advertising service.

Advertising my Business - Advertising my Business on Facebook | Facebook Advertising Manager

Most people do ask question like this can Facebook advertise your business for free? Yes Facebook goal is to keep users on their platform as long as possible so Facebook is not interested on charging you when advertising your business. The trues is that, as users are posting across social media in other to promote sales and increasing their branding, message may as well amplify your effort. So the most time you spend on Facebook determine the little amount Facebook make from you. So when it comes to free Facebook advertising you get what you pay for.

How to Advertising My Business On Facebook

Are you a local business holder and you are looking for a way to advertise your business to the people that is close to your business, I want you to know that you can do so, directly from your Facebook page? But be assure that you have a Facebook account or go to the Google play store, or any of the play store to sign up to Facebook. After your Facebook is made available all you just have to do for me now is to simply follow the step below.

  • What to do, go to your fan page you have created.
  • Click on promote at the left. Note that you must be an advertiser to do this.
  • Then click on promote your business locally.
  • You will be ask to fill in the details of your ads.
  • After that click on promote.

If it happens that you don’t see promote your business locally option, then you need to update your category for your page for you to update your page category, this step may be of help to you. Click of the about that is below your cover photos, Then go to category and click on the update, After that choose local business, Then click on save.Then after that is done, use the power editor or the creation to run reach ads without you updating your page category.

Benefit of Facebook advertising – Advertising my business on Facebook

If I tell you the list of Facebook advertising it will really blow your mind. Hmmm do you really what to know? So these are some of the few benefit

  • The main benefit of Facebook advertising, it is the mains to reach exact audience
  • Another way of benefit of Facebook advertising that is one of the cheap forms of advertising
  • Another benefit is Facebook advertising is that is very fast. If you are looking for the best way to advertise your product, Facebook advertising is the solution.
  • Another benefit of Facebook adverting is that Facebook advertising increase your brand awareness
  • Benefit of Facebook advertising is that it increases website traffic

There are so many that you can think of. But I won’t measure them because, if I start to measure them, I wound’s leave here today. so pardon my time. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t connect to this platform because here, you can learn and know all the information you need to know.