boost with facebook

How can I advertise my business on Facebook? Or perhaps how can I promote my local business on Facebook. Social media advertising is an online advertising platform that is considering as one of the focus tools for large businesses in showcasing their business presence on every social media platform. Large businesses see the concept profitable due to the number of people that spend 70% of their time searching for the latest updated. On the other hand, Facebook is the number one most popular social networking site in the world. For that reason, make it the most powerful social media advertising application in which you can advertise your business.

Advertise My Business on Facebook - Facebook Business Advertising

Advertise my business on Facebook is actually a concept where people are free to use the various advertising tools to showcase or spotlight their products or services to thousands of people within a few minutes. However, Facebook is well-respected in connecting people with things they love. The platform designed the advertising platform in other to target people interested in your services. Currently, the platform introduces two targeting technology in which businesses can showcase their business online.

Facebook Page – How to Showcase your Business

On the contrary, the Facebook Page appears as the second powerful tool but the first stage in advertising your business while using the first powerful tool provided by Facebook. Using the Facebook page allows you to create a free business community or presence where customers can connect with your business.  You can well advertise your business on Facebook using the Page tool and here are the following steps:

  • On your web browser, copy/paste the link and click the enter button.
  • Select Get Started from the section of the Business or brand.
  • Then, enter your business name and select the category.
  • Click Continue.

The next stage is where you need to fill out the required details to set up a complete Facebook page profile which includes description, categories, profile, picture, and others. Once, the following are already set, you can start advertising your business by posting regular content that has to do with your business.

Facebook Ads – How to Start Showcasing Ads

This is actually the top powerful tool of digital advertising manager which is known as the Facebook Ads Manager. Many large businesses make use of the Facebook Ads Manager tools to create an advertising campaign to reach out to a large number of users. However, this is through the first set up of the Facebook business page.

To advertise your business with Facebook ads:

  • Go to the Ad Manager page using the link
  • To create a new advertising campaign, select your marketing objective.
  • Then create your ad account by filling out the requirement.
  • Afterward, you can to then set up your Ad set and also the Ad.
  • Lastly, Place your Order.

However, the most exciting thing about Facebook advertising is that you don’t need to be a professional. Or having to go through some studies before, you can learn the various advertising tools. Advertising your business on Facebook is pretty much simple and also a self-service toll in which you can handle on yourself.