Adding Friends on Facebook – Find Friends on Facebook

Facebook friends are your friends you often interact with on Facebook through chatting. Most times people tend to be friends with users who they stay in the same community with. But one good advice for users who really want to have the best of Facebook is that Facebook friends should be people they have things in common with as we have friends in the real world, Facebook is the social media world where things you do can also be related to things in real world. You can also communicate with your friends that you are closer within the real world that is when you add them as friends.

Facebook Friends - Adding Friends & Friend Requests

There is one funny thing about Facebook friends that makes it hold details that can not be hidden. You can always find out who the friends of your friends on Facebook is. But your friends of friends are the person you are friend with and their friends are able to see any activity you posted on your Facebook. When you send a request to someone, that person is not yet your friend as you won’t get to see their daily activity until the request is accepted before both of you can be called friends.

How to See all Your Facebook Friends

People you call Facebook friends are users who you already sent a friend request to and they have already accepted your friend request. All your friends can easily be contacted and we be located under your friends’ section on Facebook. There is some limited access to user if they are not your friends on Facebook. In other to get access to see the details on what the users do on his walls, you have to send a friend request and wait for the request to be accepted.

If you are looking for where to find the full list of your Facebook friends. Go to your profile and click on friends at the menu section of your profile. You can even see the total numbers of the friends you have right from the menu. There is also an important aspect of the menu where you can make use of the search bar to make a quick search for a particular friend and you can as well unfriend a friend if you do not want to be friend with that person anymore.

Adding Friends on Facebook

You can add a friend on Facebook by sending them a Facebook friend request of friendship. In other to send a friend request all you needed is their Facebook username before you can send friend request to them. If you have difficulties in sending a friend request to those you love or like on Facebook, here is a guide for you;

  • Log in to your Facebook account with your log in details
  • Click the search bar at the top of the Facebook page.
  • Type the friend username into the search bar.
  • To send someone a friend request, click on Add Friend next to their profile pics.

Once you have done the above procedure, then you have send a friend request waiting for their approval of accepting before you became friends with each other’s. At times people do not have Add Friend next to their profile picture and this depend on the privacy settings they have on their account.