5 Streaming Services on Nintendo Switch

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5 Streaming Services You Can Use on Your Nintendo Switch- Hey there! Do you have a Nintendo Switch console and are curious about the possibility of utilizing the popular gaming system as an entertainment center as well? Guess what?  Not only can you play your favorite video games on your Nintendo Switch console, but you can also access top streaming services. In this article, we will explore five streaming services that you can use on your Nintendo Switch, expanding its functionality beyond gaming and transforming it into an all-in-one entertainment device.

5 Streaming Services on Nintendo Switch

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console with a wide range of entertaining games. However, this console can also serve as a hub for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies. With its portable design and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, the Nintendo Switch offers a convenient way to enjoy streaming services on the go or from the comfort of your living room. You can stream entertaining content from popular streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Pokémon TV, to mention but a few. To use any of the streaming above services on your Nintendo Switch, check out the next outline.

5 Streaming Services on Nintendo Switch

In this section of the article, we shall shed more light on the following streaming services: YouTube, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Pokémon TV.


On your Nintendo Switch, one of the popular streaming services you can make use of is YouTube. The best part is that you can stream content on YouTube using your Nintendo Switch without having to pay a dime.

However, it is ad-supported, but you can get rid of the ads by subscribing to YouTube Premium. Meanwhile, using YouTube on your Nintendo Switch is easy. You can search for videos, browse your library, and interact with the community you like when browsing YouTube on your PC. The only setback is that you cannot upload video through the Nintendo video-sharing functionality.


Another streaming service you can use on your Nintendo Switch console is Hulu. Just like YouTube, it is completely free to use the Hulu app, but you will need a subscription to use the Disney-owned services, which allow you to stream thousands of movies and shows.

Also, you can add live TV and premium networks such as HBO Max and Starz at a lower cost. It is worthy of note that you can only use the Hulu app for Nintendo Switch if you reside in the United States. However, you can purchase the Hulu plan for as little as $7.99 per month with ads, or you can opt-in for the Hulu ad-free subscription plan.


If you are a huge fan of animation movies and shows, then you must have heard of Crunchyroll. This platform provides its users with unlimited access to anime in multiple languages and genres. You can stream content on Crunchyroll using your Nintendo Switch. The best part is that you can stream for free. However, free streaming is ad-supported, so you may need to subscribe to its premium plan for $7.99 per month.


Just like Crunchyroll, Funimation is also an anime streaming service that can be accessed on your Nintendo Switch console. You can download Funimation directly from the eShop in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and other supported countries. However, to stream on this platform using your Switch, you will have to sign up for a premium membership account. The premium account costs $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. You don’t need to use any other device to sign up, as you can do so on your Switch console.

To evaluate Funimation Premium before committing to a subscription, you can take advantage of their 14-day free trial offer. This trial period allows you to experience the benefits and features of Funimation Premium at no cost, giving you the opportunity to determine if it aligns with your streaming preferences before making a financial commitment.

Pokémon TV

One of the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch is Pokémon. However, you can also stream cartoon series on Pokémon TV using your Nintendo Switch account. There are a wide range of animated series to stream on the app. Additionally, there is a dedicated section on the platform specifically designed for young viewers, offering a collection of sing-along songs and nursery rhymes.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Nintendo Switch offers more than just gaming capabilities; it can also serve as a hub for streaming entertainment. You can access streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, Pokémon, and more on the Nintendo Switch.

Thereby, you can unlock a world of movies, TV shows, and other content right at your fingertips. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Switch provides a convenient and versatile way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies. So, grab your Joy-Con controllers and start exploring the streaming services available on your Nintendo Switch today.