2017 NECO Result – How To Check 2017 NECO Result Online

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How To Check 2017 NECO Result Online
The Nigeria National Examination Council (NECO) Exam is done annually. The Exam is written by qualified candidates year after year. The exam is usually held twice a year, the first set in June – July, while the second in November – December.

2017 NECO Result

The NECO exam is two in number; the NECO Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) exam and the NECO General Certificate of Education (GCE) exam.

The one held in June – July is known as NECO SSCE exam and is written by candidates who are in the last senior class in a secondary school system. While the one held in November – December is known as NECO GCE, this can be written by any candidate who is qualified to do so.

Each year days after candidates finish writing the exam, questions are been asked by them on how they can check their NECO result. The solution to this is by the same way and means, which is by the use of NECO online result checker.

The NECO result comes out yearly between September – October for the NECO SSCE held in June – July and also between January – February for the NECO GCE held in November – December. The news about the arrival of the result usually reaches candidates via social media, notice boards or friends.

The 2017 NECO result can be of use to only candidates that wrote his/her NECO SSCE exam in the year 2017 between June – July.

Requirements To Check 2017 NECO Result

The requirement for checking 2017 NECO result is simple and very easy to locate. These are two in number which is; your NECO Examination Serial Number, the PIN No in the 2017 NECO result scratch card.

The NECO Examination Serial number is the number which each candidate get when registering for the NECO exam. It contains the Examination center number and the seat number designated to the candidate. Each candidate that sits for the NECO exam has his/her seat number as long as they have registered to write the exam.

The PIN No is the number in the 2017 NECO result scratch card which users get where candidates register for the 2017 NECO exam, Banks, and many other places. Users can make use of this pin for a maximum to 5 times only. The price for the Scratch Card is very affordable. Users can get it for just N300 and maybe N500 depending on the place of purchase.

Note: The 2017 NECO result can be of use to candidates who took the 2017 NECO exam between June – July. Candidates must make sure that they have the correct NECO Examination Serial Number and have bought their 2017 NECO result scratch card to ensure that no issues occur when checking the 2017 NECO result.

Steps Taken To Check 2017 NECO Result

The steps taken to check 2017 NECO result for candidates who wrote the NECO SSCE exam in the year 2017 are;

  • Enter the URL mynecoexams.com on your mobile device or PC web browser.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the site, then click on result checker.
  • Select the type of NECO exam written. Users should select the year 2017.
  • Select the year you wrote the exam.
  • Scratch the 2017 NECO result scratch card you acquired and enter the PIN correctly in the required space.
  • Enter your Exam Number. Make sure it’s correct.
  • Click on check my result. The platform will show you your result.

The 2017 NECO result checker portal is very easy to use. Candidates should ensure that they have the requirements ready before trying to go to the portal.